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All classes are held outdoors and are free of charge.   Space is limited to 16 participants per class.  The season runs from October through April.  

Irrigation Class:  Tom McDonald and Bill Roe walk participants through the basics of your landscape irrigation system including clock setting, the frequency of watering and small system repairs.   2 ½ hours.

Garden Walk:  Stroll the gardens of Smiling Dog Landscapes with the owner, Tom McDonald, and learn what plants thrive in our Sonoran Desert landscape.  This is an opportunity to ask the expert and discover how to keep your plants looking beautiful and healthy!   90 minutes.

Coping With Critters:  Is your landscape a feast for bugs, birds, rodents, and javelinas?  Frustrating as it may be, coping with hungry critters is a part of every garden and landscape.  Tom McDonald has years of experience fending off these invasions.   Learn what works and what doesn’t in this 90-minute session.

Smiling Dog Landscapes and Learning Center will also accommodate requests for private groups.   

Contact us at 480 288 8749 or email at info@smilingdoglandscapes.com.

Jan 8th Garden Walk
Feb 12th Coping with Critters
Mar 11th Irrigation
These are all Wednesdays and all classes begin at 9:00 a.m. Space is limited.

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